Everyone knows they need music or, as some refer to it, “noise” in their working space. The question is around who actually listens to it.

There are so many studies done that provide us with conclusive proof that music changes the way we, as humans behave. From shopping patterns to work and productivity outputs to spending patterns in retail.

Having said that, if it were that easy, you would already be doing it yourself through buying the latest hit CD correct? Well, truth be told it’s not that easy for everyone.

That’s where Music Now comes in. We have had intimate exposure to in-house / in-store music for over 30 years from clubs and pubs to restaurants and shopping centres to retail of all kinds.

The next steps are easy. A singular consultancy meeting will outline a way forward to you and your business. This meeting will help you identify what exactly Music Now can do and will do for your business.

It’s all about deliverables, that’s how our work and achievements are met.

We need to know your business DNA, who your staff are and what the environment is that you are hoping to or already play music into.
Music Now will look at room acoustics, sound reinforcement systems,
layout facilities and licensing. We report back to you with the most practical and economical way forward.

Music Now is invested in music in the retail/workspace, so much so, that we like to think of our clients as partners rather than people who sign off an invoice monthly.



We have spent years understanding shopping patterns and the music that influences them, the sound reinforcement systems used to purvey the audio and more importantly ....
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Music Now enables you to create and schedule content for your screens effortlessly from the web, using your computer or even smartphone.

Our system supports multiple types of media in the same playlist....

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Satelite Broadcast using our partner Sentech.

Satelite Broadcast links audio from MN Group office to uplink in Honeydew. Reception is by free to air decoder and standard Satelite Dish at clients receive site....

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- Digital Presentations
- Stop / Motion
- Animation
- Digital Editing
- Video creation
- Content creators

Stop Motion Graphic package of 5 wireframe....

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Music Now has a in-house development team focusing on iOS and Android applications.

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