78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere plays a key factor in opting to make purchases in-store vs online. 
This is particularly true for shoppers in China, Australia, South Africa, USA and UK
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10 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs In-Store Music Now

We have over 30 years providing and creating in store retail music landscapes for businesses of all sizes in South Africa and abroad. The following list is what we believe to be the main reasons clients come to us for our specialised bespoke in-store music and audio solutions that encourage return visits to stores and invariably lead to increased sales.  As we craft your bespoke music solution, we first study your in-store shopping consumer goals. What do you want from your consumers? This will guide the playlists IN-STORE MUSIC NOW can create for your in-store music experience and offering.


  1. Influence Customer Behaviour: In store consumer research shows that having the ideal musical ambience in your store increases the prospect of higher product purchases and affects shoppers and how interact with your brand.
  2. How can I get my music on in-store radio? Artists, publishers and even record labels are often unfamiliar with the opportunity that exists for promoting new music by their artists. In-store radio companies are also sourcing new music cross various music genres to populate their own music libraries. If you want to sample us with your music - Click here: to submit your track for Music Now to consider playlisting across 2500 stores, malls, and shops nationwide.  
  3. Great Music Makes Time Stand Still: for busy businesses where, long queues are unavoidable research shows that playing faster tempo music takes consumers mind off the wait and directs their attention to other offerings in the store.
  4. Increase Time Spent in Store: From trial and error we have discovered that playing slower music in- store influences consumers to linger longer and move slowly across a store. By slowing down the movement across the store consumers have shown a tendency to spend more.
  5. Bespoke Instore Advertising: Stores can create and run their own advertising campaigns with our assistance or on their own which can be added between songs, or by including sales information, opening times or news about special offers or discounts.
  6. Lifts Staff Moral: Instore Music does not just benefit your consumers; it also helps improve the productivity and effectiveness of staff. Recent research has shown that “’61 percent of employees listen to music to feel happier and more productive at work.” (, Gopal. (2010). Impact of In-store Music on Shopper Behaviour. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research. 5.)
  7. Increases Staff Concentration: In cases and areas in the business where younger or more youthful staff are located, research suggests that staff pay better attention to the quality of their work when they are listening to music.  Staff tend to be more alert and execute tasks with a higher degree of accuracy, are more innovative and produce lesser errors in stores with In-Store Music playing in the background. (V., Gopal. (2010). Impact of In-store Music on Shopper Behaviour. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research. 5.)
  8. Takes Care of Music Copyright Laws: In-Store Radio Specialists: ensure that your store complies with the country’s music copyright laws. In South Africa retailers or businesses otherwise known as and classified as ‘’Music Users’’ by SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) wishing to play music in their pubs, restaurants, shops, malls, etc (all public places) must apply for a general music license. Purchasing a Music Usage Licence from SAMRO gives Music Users permission to play music publicly at their businesses or venues. The funds collected are called "licence fees". These fees are then passed on to people who made the music as royalty income.
  9. In-store music boosts overall interaction: Instant messaging mobile applications are widely used to generate in store content from staff and consumers that assist with customer satisfaction surveys, additionally the use of WhatsApp voice notes adds a voice to your brand. Technology allows for consumers to generate in-store content via the means of social media. Consumers can use apps such as WhatsApp to send voice notes that can be edited and added to the in-store radio solution’s on-air content and, in this way, have consumers’ opinions heard.
  10. Why is it important to have a dedicated in store radio? As a retail store, you have a dedicated in store radio company working with you, it takes the headache of making and changing your playlists out of your workload, and you can leave it to us the experts. We will first understand your store’s personality and then match it with your target audience and make and change your playlists and play and manage them for you, while you concentrate on the other nitty gritties of store management.


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