78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere plays a key factor in opting to make purchases in-store vs online. 
This is particularly true for shoppers in China, Australia, South Africa, USA and UK

10 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs In-Store Music Now

Many retail and restaurant brands are implementing bespoke in-store music and audio solutions to create a more fun, welcoming, and brand-specific experiences to encourage return visits to increase sales and drive product purchases instore.

Music has the power to increase your average sales. According to one study by HUI Research, playing a carefully curated soundtrack of songs can increase sales by nine percent in some cases. When music is curated carefully and ties into your brand, environment, and overall vision, your customers respond. They react more positively and act with their wallets.

Interestingly, bespoke music playlists play an integral role in the music process. Companies that blasted random pop music noticed a four percent decrease in sales than if they just chose silence.

Random music (like just turning on the radio to a popular station) is perceived as noise by customers, driving them away to reach a place without sound pollution. However, curated music falls in-line with your brand. It is just as valuable to the experience the products you sell or the staff you hire. This creates ambiance that customers appreciate.

As we craft your bespoke music solution, we first study you are in store shopping consumer goals. What do you want from your customers? This will guide the playlists IN-STORE MUSIC NOW can create for your in-store music experience and offering.

  1. Influence Customer Behaviour: Your atmosphere does more than just influence customer buying behaviour. Music also affects shoppers and how interact with your brand.
  2. How can I get my music on in-store radio? Artists tend not to know much about in-store radio, even though they often hear it, and even publishers and record labels are often unfamiliar with it. It has traditionally been completely separated to the mainstream music industry, with many in-store radio companies sourcing music by using their own music libraries, or by looking at the most popular tracks on iTunes. This makes it exceedingly difficult for artists to pitch their music to in-store radio producers, even with record label and publisher support. Click here to submit your track for Music Now in store playlisting.
  3. Remove the Pain of Long Ques: If you want your customers to wait patiently until you can help them, your best bet is to play cheerful, fast-paced music to make them think they have not been waiting as long as they have.
  4. Increase Average Time Spent: Slower music makes people move slowly through a store. Keep your customers lingering, shopping, and enjoying the products. In this case, slower music is better for the brand.
  5. Bespoke Instore Advertising: Making advertisements that can be added between songs, or by including information about store opening times or news about special offers or discounts.
  6. Reduce Stress on Your Workforce: Music does not just benefit your customers; it also helps your staff. Studies show that 61 percent of employees listen to music to feel happier and more productive at work. The crazy thing: it works.
  7. Increases Staff Accuracy: 88 percent of employees are more accurate when they complete tasks to music. Your employees will likely think faster, come up with better solutions, and make fewer mistakes just because they are more alert and happier with the In-Store Music Now playing above.
  8. Avoid Legal Trouble with In-Store Radio: It complies with the law. The old days of retailers playing CDs in-store with no consequence are over. The Southern African Music Rights Organisation NPC (SAMRO) is clamping down on businesses playing music without paying the necessary licensing fees and tariffs. Brands must be sure to align themselves with fully licensed suppliers to provide a customised in-store radio music solution.
  9. In-store music creates interaction: Technology allows for customers to generate in-store content via the means of social media. Customers can use apps such as WhatsApp to send voice notes that can be edited and added to the in-store radio solution’s on-air content and, in this way, have customers’ opinions heard.
  10. Why is it important to have a dedicated in store radio? As a retail store, you have a dedicated in store radio company working with you, it takes the headache of making and changing your playlists out of your workload, and you can leave it to us the experts. We will first understand your store’s personality and then match it with your target audience and make and change your playlists and play and manage them for you, while you concentrate on the other nitty gritties of store management.

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