MN Group (Pty) Ltd, headquartered in Westville, Durban, is a South African media, tech, and entertainment powerhouse.
 With 30+ years of experience, we specialize in bespoke retail music, digital signage, audio/video production, content creation and management, as well as app design and development. Our expertise creates unforgettable customer experiences, fueling brand encounters that drive sales. We build relationships, not just businesses, by deeply understanding your brand DNA and target market, harnessing the psychological power of music and video to bring customers back.

Why we exist

In-store media can make or break a retail experience. MN Group helps you to customise your music and digital signage to create the perfect blend to improve your customers' shopping experience, boost sales, and create a lasting brand impression.

Our Offerings

Dominate is our content management software created to provide users with easier control of their digital screens in their business from anywhere in the world.
MyNoda is music control software which gives users access to bespoke music playlists created by DJs and retail music professionals. It is suitable for all types of retail and corporate businesses.
Software Development
Empower your vision with MN Group's Software Development service. Our experts create tailored software solutions that align with your goals, from custom applications to user-centric design. Partner with us to drive technological advancement and elevate your digital presence.
Elevate your events with MN Group's Production services. From dynamic videography to seamless pre and post-production, our team of creative professionals transforms moments into captivating narratives. Let us help you turn your events into unforgettable memories with our comprehensive production expertise.
Our experienced creative team works with you to craft captivating visuals, engaging videos and persuasive written content tailored to your brand's unique story. 

The Benefits 
of our
 Media Offerings

Real-time Engagement

Dominate empowers you to effortlessly engage with your customers instantaneously by allowing you to display live updates on promotions, incorporate interactive touchscreens, and integrate QR codes for instant access to information. Instore music strategically enhances real-time engagement by creating an inviting atmosphere, setting the shopping pace, and promoting interactive experiences. The goal is to seamlessly blend music and digial signage to enrich the shopping experience and influence customer behavior.

Complete Control & Customisation

Dominate allows tailored messaging that aligns with your brand, adapts to your changing needs, and caters to specific locations or events. By customizing content for different segments and events, the software keeps customers informed and engaged, fostering loyalty. Tailored playlists and call-to-action announcements within the music playlist further amplify engagement allowing you to remain competitive in the evolving retail landscape

Boost Brand Loyalty

Exceptional music and visuals are tools for crafting a lasting brand identity. With our meticulously designed software, we help you personalise the customer shopping experience which leaves lasting customer impressions that foster loyalty and a returning customer base. Personalised messaging for employees and customers alike enhance satisfaction and morale. 

Increase Sales

Studies reveal that digital displays can increase sales by 31.8% while capturing 400% more views than traditional print signage. Using compelling visuals alongside the capabilities of Dominate, you have the power to encourage impulse buys. Paired with the right music to suit your environment, MN provides you with the tools to transform your store into a dynamic hub that customers can't resist returning to.

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