Music Now (Pty) Ltd is a South African bespoke retail music services provider operating from the heart of Westville Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. We have over 30 years operational experience in the retail music and video display design environment. Our reputation has allowed us to work with a wide spread of unique retail clients with specific requirements spanning restaurant chains, coffee bars, salon groups, beauty spas, shopping malls, clothing chains, hotels, resorts, garages to creative office spaces of different sizes and settings across South Africa and Africa.

Our clients trust our experience to tailor make and customise in-store shopping experiences which yield more sales and memorable brand experiences that bring customers back again and again. We achieve this potent in-store psychological effect on shoppers by analysing clients brand DNA, spending time understanding the target market of the client and then using our music experts to create bespoke specific music playlists that drive and create memorable in-store brand experiences. Our three decades of experience teaches us that music is a powerful tool for retailers.

We do not know everything about your brand! That is why we like to spend time getting to know your brand, gather information and data and then discern exactly what you are looking for before creating your own innovative bespoke digital audio and video retail broadcast or streaming solution.

SOME OF THE brands powered by Music Now


Always say YES to the clients request.

Always offer more of a service than the client expects.

  Always listen to your client, they know their business!

 Always have an idea ready that the client hasn’t thought about yet.

Always deliver on your promise to the client.

Never miss a deadline.


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