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What is Dominate? 

Dominate is a digital CMS application developed inhouse at MN to provide users with easier control of any digital media in their business. Whilst replacing traditional print advertising saves costs and time, Dominate is a hybrid CMS offering more facility in one app than any of its competitors. It runs smoothly on any device, across Linux, Android and Windows, offers drag-and-drop content management and scheduling. Dominate makes digital signage hassle-free.

Dominate allows users to display their content on either a single high-definition screen or on multiple screens in different orientations using our flagship dual HDMI out media player with no added tech required. Content is sent to screens via the Dominate App or Dominate media player, similar to connecting a TV decoder to a home TV screen, enabling the creation of in-house TV Channels. The Dominate media player stores content, powered by Dominate Software. Users control their player network, content and scheduling through a web portal on any device from cellphone to laptop/pc.

Why choose Dominate

Dominate makes digital content management trouble-free, offering an easy-to-use digital signage software that’s
fast and dependable. Dominate users are provided with a complete end-to-end service offering content deployment and display management. Dominate creates an instore platform for businesses to communicate with their customers, all around the world with control from a single location. Download Dominate from the play store onto your native android tv or onto your android media player. Contact us at support for all your further requirements.

Streamline your digital signage management 

Remote Access

Securely store your data online with our cloud backup service and access your players and content from anywhere using the Dominate portal.   


Plan ahead with Dominate's scheduling feature. Set expiry dates and times for your content, enabling you to display personalised messages on specific days.

Quick Device Overview

View your players to see if they are online or offline at any time of the day or night.

Customised Features

Live streaming, gamification and hashtag campaigns can all be displayed.

Compatible Devices and Platforms

Dominate is compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, so you can bring your digital signage to life on any screen.

Native Android TVs

Our app can be installed on any native Android device via the play store.

Native Android Tablets

Our app can be installed on touch screens and tablets for interactive opportunities.

Media Players

Dominate works with any media player running on Windows, Linux or Android.

In Development 

Here are a few features our dedicated team of developers are building to add more value for you


Enhance employee engagement with employee training and e-learning.

WEBcam Integration

Scan a product's QR code using the WEBcam to provide more details about the product

Basic Reporting 

Report on foot traffic and basic demographics using the WEBcam 

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